Thrak Hakar

A large Ogrun with a shield and hammer. Doesnt talk to much to anyone except Myriss. Follows directions well.


Phy 7 Spd 6 Str 8 Agi 3 Prw 4 Poi 4 Int 4 Per 2 Willpower 10 Def 10 Arm 16 Initiative 12 Command Range 4 Hand Wep 5 Great Wep 6 Shield (rank) 6(2) Lockpicking 5 Pickpocket 5 Detection 3 Sneak 4 Command 4 Bribery 1+ Deception 1+ Streetwise 3 Escape Artist 4 Throw wep 5. Height 8’9" Weight 500Lbs.


Thrak was born in a small ogrun village near the Khador border. It was a traditional ogrun village, they valued the military prowess of each of the individuals. Thrak was always strong and fast in a fight; He learned quickly and grew in status. As he become stronger, he needed to set out to find more worthy people to swear himself to. He has never wanted to be the leader but to protect someone who he feels is worthy and deserving of his protection.

As he set out from his home, he wondered if he would ever find someone who was able to fill those qualifications. While the languages he had grown up using worked till he got farther into the Khador, he found fewer and fewer legitimate jobs. When he found himself stuck without a legal job in Merywyn, he was forced to look to a small town crime group that was in need of some muscle. The group had started to have people go missing or get caught by the guards. When he was approached, it was stated that he would only have to make sure no one went missing. The longer he worked with them the more he had to do that which was questionable to him. He learned the thief trade as a means to earn money. Even though his employers pushed him to kill, he never wanted to, so if there was a way to prevent it he would.

As time went on, he wanted to leave but there was no one to watch his back. Thrak started to learn Ordic to move to Five Fingers because he had heard that the jobs were more varied. The last job he had in Merywyn was supposed to be an easy one. Tthe syndicate had hired a new gun. They were supposed to take a gold shipment in the night, an easy soup run they said. When Thrak and Myriss, as he found her name was, came upon the carriage, the town guard jumped out to seize them. Then he knew that the syndicate had turned on him. Either they knew he wanted to leave or they turned him in to get the reward. He wouldn’t let this unsuspecting person be brought down for all the things that he had done, be it willingly or forced into.

So as they ran from the guards down a back ally, he yelled to leave town – that it wasn’t safe here for her anymore. He turned to face the retribution that had been coming for a long time but steeled himself to not allow anyone to pass him. As the ten guards descended upon him he pushed the first two into a wall with his shield. He swung with his maul, crashing the next guard into his colleges knocking three more to the ground. But the numbers were too many as the ones pinned to the wall grabbed on to his shield, the five that were still standing rushed his side. Two went for his maul. One hit him in the chest with a spear, as the two others tried to run past him. Even skewered and held he couldn’t let that happen. Thrak let go of his weapon, wrenching his body towards the opening on his side. Doing so, he pulled the spear across his body. As his vision blurred, he slammed into the wall crashing the men into the building.

Thrak awoke in a prison cell being told that he wasn’t to see the outside till he was drawn and quartered for the crimes that he had committed. Resigned to the fact that he had earned his lot in this, he asked about any other people that were caught. The guards told him that they couldn’t follow his helper because they needed to tend to the other guards. Excited about his success, he went to bed waiting to receive his punishment. He was awakened by a hand being placed on his mouth and being shh-ed. Myriss had broken into the jail to free him and slipped past the guards. As he followed her, he noticed how deftly she moved and how well she incapacitated the guards that she couldn’t go around. When they were both safely out, Myriss went to leave and Thrak called out to her asking where she was going. When she turned there was a mistrust in her eyes, yelling, " I just saved you from execution and you expect more from me? I was only repaying you for not throwing me to the guards. I am going to Five Fingers to enjoy the freedom that place allows and I will not be punished for OUR failure."

Meeting her glare Thrak stated, “I had earned what was coming. You had not. It was that simple. I would like to follow you and repay you for the debt that I now owe you. In the future I hope to get to know you and learn from you. If you will allow me to accompany you on your journey, it would be my honor and I would swear my self to you.”

Myriss was stunned as the hulking Ogrun knelt before her. She spun around quietly saying, “Fine but you better not slow me down.”

They both departed quickly. That was the last time that either of them saw Merywyn. From that point forward, Thrak was a loyal guard to Myriss, never allowing the situation to be that bad again. Both of them saved each other along the way to Five Fingers, taking odd jobs and doing what they needed to get along. Following Myriss’ lead, Thrak learned how to be a better thief and his duty started to become more than that. He desired to be nowhere else but at Myriss’ side. He couldn’t let her know how important to him she was because he felt there wasn’t a chance, but he vowed that he would always be with her. So what ever she did he went with always asking but never fighting her decision. That was the way it was to be as they entered Five Fingers…

Thrak Hakar

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