An ex-naval officer & rifleman from Ord. Known as "Raz" to most.


Personality & Perspective

Normally a solitary type (partly because of his intellectual leanings and partly due to shyness), Razakael doesn’t actively look for conversation to pass the time; taking a more introverted approach, he usually tends to spend time thinking quietly (preferably with a view of open water and the smells & feel of an ocean breeze), and can sometimes be seen to mumble some likely-relevant quote or prose to himself during more interesting or tense situations. He rarely opens up to others, unless surrounded by close, trusted friends, or when found several drinks in at the tavern. The things that motivate him to action are primarily survival-based, though the way he goes about achieving his goals once he’s chosen them are planned with honorable intentions (at least in his eyes) and tend to favor order over “winging it.” Regardless of what beliefs he entertains, Raz chooses to act under the assumption that one life is all he’ll be getting, as he’s seen nothing to convince him otherwise; rather than choose to give in to despair or fear that his inevitable end may be sooner rather than later, he chooses to quietly appreciate every good or serene moment he can, and has made it a personal goal to attempt to leave the world in a better state than he found it in for the next generation that comes along.

Raz defines himself as a realist by nature, though he is often viewed as a pessimist; he assumes that the people who view him as such are blindly-optimistic types, who don’t think that “almost every day is horrible- it’s up to you to make it better” is sunshiny enough. He’s generally controlled & cautious, as it’s served him well in the past (and kept him alive through a number of less-than-favorable events), but he’s willing to take an injury to ensure he gets a kill when lives are on the line. While he enjoys discussing philosophy, and most of the less-approachable topics such as religion, sex, and politics, he rarely allows himself into these conversations in earnest, feeling that most people are too likely to start an argument over it instead of taking away a new perspective to analyse, and worrying that his passion for his own views might come off as too aggressive; healthy personal relations come before enjoyable conversation in Raz’s book, so he does what he can to make sure no one gets the wrong idea about him.



Unknown. (Assumed Tordoro by the pair of elderly farmers who helped raise him.)

Young Life:

Was found wandering the farmlands of Almare at roughly the age of five. Spent the next decade working on the farm of the couple who took him in; by his tenth year, they had both passed on, leaving him the farm, but requesting that he sell it, so he might have the means to be something more than a farmer. The money was intended to get him from Almare to Carre Dova, as he aimed to join the military there, hoping to make a difference in the world, like so many youths before him; however, the journey actually took much longer than intended, as he settled in Berck for a time, hoping to earn acceptance into The Trident naval academy. While he unsurprisingly failed to make the cut, he continued teaching himself everything that he could and spent just over three years listening to the accepted students’ chatter wherever they were likely to spend their leisure time, taking page after page of notes until he felt confident that he may as well have had their education. Finally, eyes set on the Southeast, he set out for Carre Dova, finally joining the military.

Recent History:

Due to his appreciation for organization & efficiency, Raz was as good for the Ordic navy as it was for him. However, due to his intellect, a quiet disbelief in an afterlife, and the strong will to live that mixes so well with those two characteristics, he had trouble tolerating a few of his superiors- the type who came to power through wealth rather than skill; something that appeared to be a growing problem, given the poor economic resources of the kingdom. Ord may treasure its culture over its wars, but poor luck placed Officer Razakael under two layers of pampered, glory-seeking leaders who sought to boast of victory over insurmountable odds, while doing their best to ignore the heavy costs their subordinates would be forced to bear. The officer played his part in more than one successful, yet foolishly-planned offensive (and lessened their casualties in the plethora of inevitable retreats as well), but eventually realized that no matter how hard he worked to save his own subordinates from the will of his superiors, all he was doing was covering up their poor leadership and making them ever more bold in their misuse of the defense-based forces under their control. After realizing that advancing past his current rank would be much more trouble than it was worth and guaranteed no reward, he retired at the end of the tour.

For just over two years, the ex-officer found work where he could, doing everything from teaching the children of aristocrats about military strategy to the odd jobs only offered in the darkest corners of the dirtiest pubs, so long as they didn’t seem to damage the state of the world in his eyes. However most recently, work has been scarce, and while food hasn’t been a problem, the small luxuries such as baths in fresh water & a healthy supply of heavy ammunition have been; trying to find work as a rifleman becomes more difficult when the rifle needs to be shot sparingly, and trying to find it as a teacher in wealthy areas becomes nigh impossible when one’s military uniform can’t be washed daily and the man who wears it still smells of the salt and seaweed he has to bathe in to keep food in his stomach. And so, with more than a little desperation to urge him on, he found himself catching up to a captain named Samuel in a Five Fingers tavern and convincing him that he could use one more man for his yet-to-be-described errand at sea.


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