The Code of Captain Kage

I. Every crew member is entitled to their fair share, with the ship getting a larger portion as follows:
25% to the ship for repairs, upgrades, etc.
15% to each of five crew members, including the Captain.

General costs, such as Bribery, crew costs, supplies, etc. shall be pulled from the ships pot.

Items gathered shall be held and offered to the crew for purchase at a discount of 20%.

II. All crew members shall keep their personal matters to themselves as long as it does not affect work ethic or morale of the crew.

III. The needs of the crew outweigh personal needs or goals. If the ship has a job, the crew is expected to be prepared to complete said job before attending to personal matters.

IV. Any crew member found to be stealing or withholding loot or important information from the crew shall be punished in a manner deemed appropriate by the Captain.

V. The Captain’s word is the law unless following said words will put the crew in immediate danger.

VI. In the absence of the Captain, the first mate will be in charge of the ship.

VII. All crew members will pull their weight when completing a job. Failure to do so will result in reduction of pay or worse.

VIII. All personal disputes will be settled by the Captain or by a duel between disagreeing parties off the ship.

IX. Failure to comply with any of these articles will result in punishment up to and including Marooning or Execution, as deemed appropriate by the Captain.


The Code of Captain Kage

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