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This is where the general information for the campaign will be posted. Setting-specific stuff will be in the links.

SETTING: To start off with, the characters are starting this campaign in Five Fingers. Five Fingers is a den of debauchery, violence, and sin. I am sure you will all fit in just fine.

FEAT POINTS: As a general rule: any entities (steamjack or otherwise) that a character controls that are eligible to get a Feat Point, but cannot use it themselves, automatically give that feat point to their controller.

AMMO: I WILL be making you keep track of ammo. Shit be expensive, and you not tracking it makes riflemen and other gunslingers unfairly good.

ACTION DESCRIPTIONS: I like things that are dumb. I like things that are hilarious. I like the games I run to be cinematic and awesome. To help make this happen I will be taking a page from Exalted: if a character describes his action really well, at GM discretion I will award a positive modifier to your attack, damage, or both. Attempting extra silly and dumb things may also net you a bonus, purely because of how hilariously awesome they are. This does NOT mean that you will not also have penalties – but the bonuses might help offset some or all of the problems associated with wall jumps and the like.

PRE-MEASURING: This is not Warmachine. This is an RPG, where we like to imagine that the characters are more badass and have a pretty solid understanding of the space they are fighting in. You can measure anything on the table at any time for any reason.

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