Calhoon Inventory

Below you will find the list of items gathered during jobs that are currently for sale to the crew for a discounted price. If you wish to purchase an item from this list, contact Captain Kage. You will also find the current supplies carried by the Calhoon as well as any items we may be smuggling.

Items For Sale

Item Name Quantity Retail Price Crew Price
Mechanika Sword Housing 1 120GC 96GC
Chest Piece 1 0GC 0GC
Heavy Rifle (with Scope) 1 100GC 80GC
Sword 6 8GC 6GC
Blunderbuss 4 10GC 8GC
Quad-Irons (Broken) 4 20GC 16GC
Quad-Irons 2 125GC 100GC
Repeater Pistol 2 15GC 12GC
Blasting Pike (standard spear heads) 2 25GC 20GC
Slug Gun (Broken) 1 5GC 4GC

Calhoon Supplies

Item Name Quantity
Manacles 3 Pairs
Grappling Hooks (with rope) 4
Goggles 5 Pairs
Dry Rations 10 Days
Coal 30lb.

Items being Smuggled
None at this time.

Calhoon Inventory

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