The Calhoon

Samuel, The Calhoon, and the Orb

I had just returned from a quick job with a simple pirate crew, eager to return back to sea when I saw him. He looked as if he was from a story, his dress was so similar to that of a generic pirate. I heard him mention he was looking for a crew, so naturally, I followed. As he picked up more people along the way, I kept thinking to myself that these people were adventurers, not sailors. We reached his ship where I kept my distance, not sure yet if this was the job for me. Despite his look, he is skilled, knowing I was there without making myself known.

I agreed to join his crew with the promise of payment, but for me it is about more than just the coin. I traveled with 5 other crew members, save the Captain and his sea dog. It was smooth sailing for a while, I kept to myself, no need to make attachments that can be broken in a second. While we were at sea we were attacked by a large dark vessel. Without thinking about it, I leapt to the deck from the rigging above and began fighting. The ship carried two long guns on the starboard side, so I began firing. I needed help, someone to reload and continue firing, luckily one of the other crew members was some kind of military man. Not the kind I particularly like, but he does his job, reloading and firing the cannon. I moved to the second cannon, attempting to get this ship off our trail. Finally 3 of the other members of the crew decided to join the fray, one of them an Ogrun. Not particularly smart, but strong as an Ox, he does his part. His companion, a wench, didn’t seem much good at the time, but in the end she proved herself useful enough. Then there was the drunkard, useless, if it were up to me he’d be walking the plank.

After a tough fight, the opposing vessel backed off, our Captain seemed very calm about the whole affair. I don’t trust this man, something about him is off. As we made landfall we continued into some ruins, fighting a number of undead like creatures. Not particularly entertaining, but it quenches my thirst for a fight well enough. We continued through the ruins, at one point losing the drunkard, good riddance. We eventually traveled to an place that contained a number of creatures ready for a fight, the Ogrun proved himself useful, as did the wench and the military man. The battle ended with our Captain, Samuel, taking out a cloaked figure with one shot. Some captain he is, making us do all the work. He came in and removed something from the wall, not telling us what it was. We got our pay and began our way back to Five Fingers, managing to pick up the drunkard once again.

On our way towards port, Samuel fell to some sort of assassin, only a blade with some kind of serpent symbol in it as evidence, I’d seen the symbol before. What does it mean, what connection does it have? Time for questions was later, I got to the wheel and navigated the ship back into port. Once there, the other crew wanted to search the Captain’s quarter, but found the way barred. It was at this time we realized we needed to elect a Captain in order to access it. Being the only one with vast sailing knowledge, the others elected me as captain. Captain Theradin Kage, it does have a nice ring to it. I now have the job of commanding this crew, I will be offering the other members permanent positions on the ship if they prove themselves worthy of being pirates.

Thraks POV of first session
When the Little One decided to take the job by the man that came today, I didn’t feel right. Why would a person want us on a boat? I haven’t ever been on a boat, and I don’t believe that she has either. No matter that though, I need to protect her no matter where she goes. When we got to the boat there was only one more person. I felt better about that; maybe he only wanted a little protection. After a while a drunkard came and sat on the ship. He seemed like he was supposed to be there so we just left him and went down below to get settled. A while later the man called for us to come up, I was unhappy about what I found. The group was growing and even though we had six people on this small boat, Samuel allowed another person who was creeping about to join.

The trip was going well till the pirate noticed a ship that was pursuing us. The fight was as hectic as any I have been in, most of the hired muscle not knowing what to do was something that was overcome by our more seasoned sailors. Luckily for us a few good shots allowed us to leave the fight without too much damage to our ship. When we landed on the island it was a little eerie but I was just happy to be off the boat; it doesn’t fit me well.
When we saw what was protecting the island, I understood why we were here. Fighting an army of undead was not something that I relished, but we moved forward looking for whatever Samuel had come here for.

In the ruins of a village we met a dozen more undead that we went through with relative ease, though the wounds that they gave me would have been severe for most. When we were done we noticed that the drunkard had went on his own, but unfortunately for him, the Little One doesn’t have attachments to most others. We decided to move on without him. When we got to the temple we had taken enough time that he had made it to us again. As we went down the steps we came upon an area that was filled with the undead we had encountered thus far, as well as a few larger undead and a cloaked man. Previous battles showed that the pirate could be relied to handle himself but this time I felt he had strayed a little too close to one of the larger undead.

So I came up next to him for cover. Luckily my hunch was correct and I shielded him for at least a little of it while also holding the line for my Little One. Unfortunately the cloaked person turned out to be a caster and he had hit her with a spell. I couldn’t let her fall because I was protecting someone else. So I backed up a bit while the pirate charged forward towards the man. All the while the former officer, Myriss and the bounty hunter continued to fire into their ranks. While I was moving back, the drunk had fallen to a couple of undead. The bounty hunter and Myriss finished the undead that were near us. The pirate was having issues putting the cloaked man down so I decided to charge him. Immediately I understood why he was quick and I couldn’t land a blow on him. As I missed, he skirted around and let fly a couple of spells that had one not missed, would have possibly killed my Little One. She heroically took the blow that hit. Samuel decided to end the fight with a streak of blue. When he came in and took what he came for and left, I went over to take Myriss and left. We didn’t need to do anymore here. The others came later; they found a strange sword in the altar apparently.

We got back to the boat without incident and found that it was done with the repairs. The trip back was uneventful; the officer was below deck tending to the wounded. When we docked we got our pay. The pirate and myself got the most while the others got fifty each. As we were preparing to depart, Samuel fell to the deck; a dagger with a serpent’s engraving was buried in his back. We weren’t able to save him, so I went to look in the captain’s cabin. It wouldn’t open and didn’t have a lock. The ship was waiting for something. When we noticed that the people on board were the ones that had say over what happened to the ship, we had to decide a captain. The Little One started by nominating the pirate. Why? I am unsure but whatever she feels is best I will agree.

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