The Calhoon

This is the characters starting ship.


Length: 36 foot
Requires: 2 sailors to operate.

Equipment: 4 Ordic Long Guns (2 Starboard and 2 Port), rigging equipment, sails, anchor.
Below Deck: Captains Quarters (7×10), (2, 7×7) Crew Quarters – 4 Bunks, (7×8)Storage (narrows)

Crew Quarters
- Basic bedding

- Crate One
– 3 Manacles
– 4 Ropes with grappling hook
- Crate Two
– 2 Lanterns
– 5 Goggles
– 10 days of dry rations
- Barrel
– 30 lbs of coal
– Under barrel is a hidden compartment with an Ordic flag and The Calhoons true colors.


Once a Cygnaran vessel of war. This ship was taken by Samuel to escape the weight of his duty to Cygnar. There may be more to this ship than the crew realizes.

The Calhoon

The Calhoon JamesLeaman JamesLeaman