The Calhoon

When Demon and Pirates Meet.

Today we went down to the prison to talk about the bounties on the board. Aside from Dirty Uncle Daddy, who was on the board the last time we checked there was another one as well. The second bounty was cheaper, and we could returned the body dead, but the high price for Dirty Uncle Daddy seemed to make the Captain’s eyes twinkle. He was able to procure some information on Dirty Uncle Daddy. While we waited for the informant back at the ship, I dropped back into town for some gambling.

Eventually we were to meet for more information. It seemed like a trap, but we could probably handle it. We entered the warehouse together and were immediately ambushed. After a rough fight, we were able to defeat them all. Thrak smashed some of the jack equipment and we went back to the ship to sleep.

The next day, we discovered that the warehouse belong to House Mateu. Oops. The Captain talked to the House and it turns out that we were spotted leaving the area. Guess I won’t be going back there for a while. Thrak and I decided to stay back at the ship while Raz and the Captain went back to investigate. House Mateu thinks we want to help find out who did it. Once the Captain finally returned, he decided we should try for the smaller bounty so we set sail for Khador following the information he obtained in town.

The first island we arrived at seemed empty so we moved on to the next. There we found an encampment of pirates. We were able to defeat them all without too many casualties but as luck would have it the pirates’ ship arrived with the rest of them. Raz and I climbed to the top of one of the building to get a better shot. Just as we did, some strange demon like creatures emerged from the forest where we had come in. The demons fought charges the pirates and they killed most of each off. We easily handled what was left.


JamesLeaman Cjiadon

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