The Calhoon

We go where the work is.

When I awoke the next day, the newly elected captain and the rest of the “crew” had left to some place. Myriss wanted to go into town to try and find a shop to get a new magelock weapon; she had gotten too close to the fighting for the both of our liking. It took a while but we found someone that needed to get a rifle with a scope off his hands and was looking for a pistol. We then went to get myself a smaller hammer; the maul that I was using was too large for confined areas and I need to make sure I was able to protect her in any situation. I found one pretty quickly due to the fact that it is a common commodity.

By the time we had gotten back to the ship, the rest of the crew had gotten back and the captain was in his quarters. So Myriss went to talk to him while I was left alone on the deck. I walked over to Raz and challenged him to a throwing contest. Unfortunately both of us had no items capable of being used, so I went to collect one that we could use. As I wandered about, I realized that I wasn’t sure where I should get it and wandered into a store that had a exquisite throwing sized cleaver that was completely made of silver. The tag said it was five G so I immediately went to purchase it and the store clerk told me that it was labeled wrong and that the price was 25G. I was upset that it was so much and I showed my displeasure at this, then was told that he would give me a deal on it if I promised to be there the next time that he asked me to be. I took the deal and left to go win the contest.

When I had returned to the ship, everyone had went to bed except Raz and the drunk. So I went to him and said that the target was the mast. I threw with all my might and it flew by the mast. I ran to chase it and then I saw the water and tried to stop as I slid into the railing. Next thing I knew, the crew was around me and the captain was yelling at Myriss about making sure that I behave, the drunk was laughing and Raz was saying that he didn’t have anything to do with it. Myriss yelled at me about following her and to not do anything else that would be a problem.

As everyone left, the drunk was still there laughing, so I walked over to him and pulled him up to talk to him. He tells me I should have used a rope. If that was the case, why not tell me. He then starts to not make sense and was just making me angry. If he wasn’t the reason for us having a job and I wasn’t already in trouble, he wouldn’t have been laughing for long.

I was awakened by a couple of sea dogs walking the gangplank up to the ship. I went and stopped them at the railing and they said they were here to crew the ship for us. I told them to wait till the captain got here and called out for him. He came up, greeted them, told them where to bunk and that we were about to set out.

We went to the island that was to be our destination. We made it there without incident and we had to be rowed to shore. When we started walking, it was just a bog. Not pleasant to walk through. A couple of people almost fell into deeper parts of the bog as we walked, so we had to start being more careful. The next thing we know the drunk leads us into a trap set by some lizard men. Luckily Myriss spotted them before we had fallen in completely. Between the two of us, most of the lizards fell. We found a couple things that we could use or sell. We decided to move into the island interior and after awhile we made it to some ruins. This time we were the ones that had the opportunity to use surprise to our advantage and we moved into position and attacked. After a frenzied battle, we looked around the ruins with the rest of daylight and made camp in the sturdiest of the structures.

After about an hour a group of lizard men attacked us. We quickly dispatched them and went to bed. The next day we left the island and returned home. Myself and Myriss went to restock our supplies after we got paid. We then set off towards the bounty boards.


JamesLeaman NuggleBuns

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