The Calhoon

The Breaking Points

The Jailers are cruel. They did things. No one came to help. Me and Raz left in the morning. I went to get clothes cause I didnt have any. I was told I do because it isnt proper. I got back to the ship about mid day. Put my stuff near the bed and rested. Got up to go to the tavern with the crew. The plan was mean shoving things in places they shouldnt be. The captain told me to get rid of the body. Then tells me to mop. Why me? I didnt cause it. It isnt my fault. I am helping by moving bodies. I grab the body and leave. I do my job. The captain follows and yells at me. For not listening to him. I get angry because the reason I had to before he told me I had to because it was my fault. I need to do it all cause I did it.He tells me I need to listen to him cause he tells me to. I listen because of Myriss, she has proven she can be my better. the captain once said that he doesnt take orders from people who arent as strong so why should he not prove himself worthy? I say it and he says fine but it is my ship so do what I say or leave. I remind him that he was voted. He just keeps walking. I go back to the ship and get my stuff and hop off. I go to the tavern and ask for work. I get yelled at again. I need to clean it up and bounce for the tavern. I get paid for cleaning it up and go to bounce. I begin and Myriss comes in and starts yelling at me. We get told to go outside and be quite. Myriss like the freedom and money that we can get on the ship. Says that we do better in that crowd. I believe in her so I go back. I want her to talk to the captain. She says she will. I get back and I am put down below decks now. Captain says it is better. It is tight but out of the way. I sleep and roll about. We have a new job. Going to free a town from people. The plan is easy go to them and take it. We go in at night. Sneaking about and going to a cave . We had to uncover the front and go in. The night was long but nothing happens. We got up and attacked. The fight was tough. Dancing with jacks is hard.Got all the stuff and left afterwards. Heading back to get paid.


JamesLeaman NuggleBuns

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