The Calhoon

Our First Mission

Never smile at a crocodile

When I returned to the ship from shopping in town, the new Captain had accepted a job offer from someone I didn’t know. He agreed to take Thrak and I on as temporary crew with the possibility of earning a permanent position. I spent the night down in the crew’s quarters replacing the ammo I had used during our job for the now dead ex-captain. The next morning I awoke to the ship moving. I went to the deck and asked Raz where we were headed. He explained that Vasquief had an employer that wanted him to retrieve something. We were hired to escort him. How Vasquief had an employer was beyond me, but a job is a job.

Eventually we arrived at a boggy island. With Vasquief and the Captain leading, we marched through the bog. It was hard to see and we often lost our footing in areas with deceiving deep water. Suddenly we heard a loud crack in the air and decided to investigate the cause. As we moved closer to where the noise had come, from we discovered a shrine and I spotted an alligator approaching. Before we knew it, we were surrounded by alligators. Although many of us, including myself, took a few hard hits, we managed to defeat the gators. The others searched the corpses and discovered on of the items we were looking for. We only needed one other now.

We continued on until we saw a small town in ruins. Only a gate between two crumbling towers still stood in one piece. The Captain pulled out his spyglass and spotted a few more gators lurking on the outskirts of the ruins. Raz and I fired the first round, injuring two of the alligators. The rest swarmed forward, with more appearing from behind the ruined buildings. We were in for another tough fight. The Captain made a strong swing with his weapon, slicing the alligator that Raz had shot clear in half. The battle was fierce and many of us almost fell unconscious. Somehow we managed to defeat them all.

We searched the ruins and found the second item that Vasquief was looking for. But other than that we didn’t find anything useful. We ate and rested for the night but were ambushed by more alligator’s. There were only five and we easily dispatched them and rested for the rest of the night. In the morning as we packed up, Raz noticed that the shield the alligators were using all had the crest of Cygnar. I had heard there was a country by that name, but didn’t know anything else.

The trip back to Five Fingers was thankfully uneventful. I already used to much ammo on this job. When we got to port, the Captain, Vasquief, and Raz took care of collecting payment for the job. Afterwards, the Captain came back to collect some things to price in the market as well as pay us. Thrak and I went into town to buy more ammo materials and look at the bounty board.


JamesLeaman NuggleBuns

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