The Calhoon

Just Cause I Can, Doesn't Mean I Want To.

When we got to bed after the ambush I slept peacefully. That was until I was shouted awake by the captain. He was sitting there yelling at me saying that he was told that I was to blame for the damage to the ship and crew. Why is it they always blamed me? The only thing that I could say was that it wasn’t me.

When the hullabaloo was settled, the captain went into town to do something and I went about getting ready for the day. In a short while the captain came back with a cart and rickshaw and loaded the weapons up in the cart after the rickshaw was stowed below deck. We departed (and by we I mean me and the captain and the only reason I “got” to go with was for me to pull the cart). The captain then spent a good amount of time looking for a place to sell the arms, medallions and bodies of the trollkin. The taxidermist was found pretty easily, the following shops we needed to find were simple but the captain seemed to not be familiar with the city.

We ended up at my metalworking teacher. He bought the weapons to resell and directed the captain to another shop for the medallions. I stayed at the shop to work and the captain left telling me to bring the cart back. When I left I brought back the cart and went to bed. When I woke up we had gotten a job to do and we were waiting to hear back from the drunkard who showed up a little while later.

When we had cast off, it was a regular day and our friend Jerry had to come with due to the death of the other sea dog. It was without incident for most of the trip. There was a point when we were stopped by a Kadoran vessel. Their captain came aboard and was talking with the captain about what we were doing; he foolishly believed that the drunkard would be able to explain or talk about what we were doing. Unfortunately the captain doesn’t know about the issues that the Kadoran people have with Iosans. That is why when the search party found Myriss while the Kadoran captain was beating the drunkard, I was ready for a fight: no one is to harm her. The captain was immediately alarmed by it as well. He knew that the drunkard was a person who hadn’t made any friends but knew I wouldn’t allow Myriss to come to harm. They took the reasoning to heart and hit the drunkard and left.

We made landfall shortly after and as it was getting dark we went ashore to meet our contact. After we met him and he told us what we needed to do, it became troubling. We were to get in and get out with a girl. There was no info on the fort and the captain and the ex-military went to scout while there was still some light. After a little while, they came back and had no sure fire way to get in safely and didn’t want to have a fire fight with them. After a while, I came up with the idea to assault them from both sides with rifle fire and we go in the front gate while they are distracted. We then went about the getting ready and waited. As the first shot was fired we started running, getting fire from the man above the gate. Luckily we made it in before the gate closed; unfortunately we got in without a way out.

As soon as we got in, we were peppered with shots. I tried as hard as possible to keep up the others I was near. Then this large man wielding two weapons charged me and the captain. We both attacked him and he was haggard but he was still there. The next volley of shots took its toll on me and the captain but we also noticed that the person who foolishly charged us had fallen. The captain went forward and as he did I took the man on the side, and afterward went towards alcoves. I ran into a couple of people coming down the stairs. I felled one but was immediately dropped by the second’s sword. I started coughing blood but was met by Raz who helped me up and we had secured the courtyard. We waited for an hour then preceded into the inner fort. After a little searching, we came upon a large double doo. Raz and the captain opened it and immediately got hit by a thrust of spears. They were waiting for us and we fell for it. Right away Raz backed away and took some shots while the captain went in. Mryiss fired into the room and a return volley came from the room in pistol shots. I moved up and was too far away to do anything. We pushed our way into the room, the pistol wielding man kept dodging us and firing back but then Myriss shot him down.

We searched the room found some weapons and stuff. We also found a woman in the rear: the objective of us being her. Raz went to her and she didn’t want to go. The captain ushered me to get her. I tried but I don’t want to force a woman with excessive force. The captain came and grabbed her, then we went about searching the area and got what we needed, loaded up the cart they had and I was told to pull it. I wasn’t able to do that alone, luckily we found a donkey and we got things moving. We made it back to the ship and loaded it up and left. The woman was chained in the captain’s cabin. Our elf hating friend pulled up upon the ship. The fool was just a lackey trying to get a cut of whatever we are getting. He didn’t even search us again. We made it back and guess who had to carry everything and unload it: me!!! Afterwards I went to learn more metalworking while we wait to hear from our employer. We got paid after a few days and now we wait to see if we get more work…


Damn you… I went through the whole thing, and then you go and put it into paragraphs. _


Sorry I have been posting it,. then going back and editing

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